Center of Technological Initiatives

Design of machining operations



Our company provides services for design of machining operations on CNC lathes and machining centers. More than five years of experience in operating  GILDEMEISTER, EMCO, HARDINGE, FADAL machine tools etc. allows us to implement in the shortest possible time efficient technological processes for the most complex parts, including those that require a 4-and 5-axis machining. The wide range of machine tools allows performing work on the development of work processes directly on our manufacturing base, substantially reducing the time and cost of the projects.

In our traditions are deep experimental analysis and the choice of the optimal cutting conditions, tool materials, chip breaker, form of inserts, where the recommendations of the manufacturers of instruments not ensure success. This approach is provided by high qualified personnel, which includes doctors of philosophy and doctors of sciences in the field of machining processes.

We are not limited to the standard accessories for realization technological processes, because we have the opportunity to design, produce and test the non-standard tools and devices.

Ten years of experience in programming of CNC machines with racks WL4M, FANUC, SINIMERIC, HEIDENHEIM allows us to quickly and efficiently develop control programs for the most modern machines, including machining centers, one-and multi-spindle lathes with the driven tool and B-axis, 4-and 5-axis machining on the milling machining centers.

We often use macro programming that allows writing effective programs for cutting unique parts when any standard cycle is not applicable and the use of CAM systems doesn’t give the desired result.


Some successful projects:

1. High-productive process technology of round thread.  

2.Technology of turning and cutting cylinders of cobalt alloy.

3. Turning technology of castings from high-chromium chilled cast iron.

4. Process technology of compressor blades.

5. Technology of high-productive processing guide vanes.

6. Technology of thread milling M110 in stainless steel cases.