Center of Technological Initiatives

Designing and manufacturing of electronic devices

Our company provides services in designing and manufacturing of electronic devices on demand. Experienced specialists, including doctors of philosophy, design and manufacture analog and digital devices for a wide range of applications. Our specialists perform tasks of signal conditioning, digitization and transfer them to PC, the development of software for microcontrollers and PC.

Some successful projects:
1. Electronic block for roundness measuring machine/out-of-round gage. The device is designed for measuring variations in the cross-sectional roundness of machine parts. The electronic block has the following advantages:
  • a. USB interface for connection to PC;
  • b. Automatic calculation of deviations from roundness;
  • c. Part displaying on PC, saving in jpeg and txt format, output to a printer;
  • d. Automatic calibration.
Now the device is operated on the Department of Manufacturing Engineering, Machines and Tools.
2. Specialized frequency generator for actuator control. It is used in granulation columns for production of carbamide, saltpeter and other fertilizers. Now the device is operated at the fertilizers production plant (Russia).