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A new welding machine ЦТІ ЗнА-12-1500L has been produced

A new welding machine has been developed and produced by the specialists of CTI LLC. Welding machine ЦТІ ЗнА-12-1500L is designed for welding a branch pipe to a cylinder tube in manual or automatic mode. The operation of the machine can be easily automated using a robotic arm. The clamping of the branch pipe to the cylinder tube is carried out using a movable spindle. The machine can be modernized to suit individual customer requirements.

Technical data:

  • Maximum inner diameter of the welded branch pipe - 33 mm
  • Maximum diameter of the welded cylinder tube - 225 mm
  • Maximum length of the welded part - 2200 mm
  • Spindle speed limits - 30 rpm
  • Maximum spindle movement - 600 mm
  • Dimensions - 1955х1243х2700 mm
  • Machine weight (without electrical equipment) - 930 kg
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