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CNC milling machine used for milling molds from wood is developed and produced

Specialists of CTI LLC developed and produced CNC milling machine ФВ-1-1.5-3. The machine is used for milling molds from various types of wood.
The machine consists of:
  • steel welded frame, aluminum profile table, mechanical part - 3 axles;
  • CNC system with a servo drive, the maximum speed of movement - 25m / min;
  • 4th spindle rotation axis.
Technical data:
Maximum positioning error of the axes - 0.15mm / 300mm.
Maximum dimensions of the workpiece (length, width, height) - 2500x1500x400 mm.
Number of spindle speeds - stepless regulation.
Dimensions (length, width, height) - 3200x2000x2600 mm.
Weight (without electrical equipment) - 1200 kg.
The number of electric motors in the machine - 4 pcs.
      power - 4.5 kW;
      rotation speed - 24000 rpm;
      collet clamp - ER25;
      cooling system - water.
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