Center of Technological Initiatives

sale, production, modernization, repair of machines     

production automation                    

Services provided by the LLC "CTI"

LLC "Center for Technological Initiatives" provides a range of services related to the field of metalworking, including the machining of metal parts, repairs, adjustment of equipment, including CNC machine tools, machine supply, production automation.

The main activities of the company are:

  • Automation of manufacturing through the development and implementation of robotic production sites;
  • Repair, maintenance and modernization of equipment;
  • Delivery of metal-cutting equipment manufactured in the countries of the far abroad, both new and previously used;
  • Commissioning and post-warranty maintenance service of metal-cutting machines and technical support in matters of repair and programming of CNC machines;
  • Process design, including the development of control programs for turning and milling CNC machines, the design of special tools and devices;
  • Designing, manufacturing and introduction of electronic devices and means of industrial automation;
  • Services in machining of parts on metal-cutting machines.
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