Center of Technological Initiatives


Services for the parts machining

We perform the parts machining according to customer drawings. We have a wide range of metal-cutting equipment:

Lathes and machining centers:

  • 16Б16Т1;
  • 16К20Т1;
  • HARDINGE CONQUEST 42SP with barfeeder.

Milling machines and machining centers:

  • ГФ2171 with CNC system WL4M;
  • 6Р13Ф3 with CNC system WL4M;
  • FADAL 4020FX with rotary table ( 4-axis);
  • FADAL 2216FX with tilting rotary table (4-th and 5-th axes);
  • engraving machine EGX400.

Gear equipment:

  • hobbing machine 5В312;
  • gear-shaping machine 5122;
  • gear-shaping machine 5140.

The available equipment allows us to produce 

• gear shaft (maximum modulus 6 mm);

• skew gears (maximum modulus is 6 mm);

• spur gears (maximum modulus is 6 mm);

• gears with internal toothing (maximum modulus is 5 mm);

• sprockets / star gears (maximum modulus is 20 mm);

•compound / cluster gears (maximum modulus is 5 mm)

The diameter of gears varies from 20 to 500 mm, depending on detail configuration.

The company has experience in the manufacture of rims of gear couplings, gears of oil pumps, compound / cluster gears  of machines, gear wheels with tapered tooth.

Possible is parts manufacturing on the model of the customer, including worn or destroyed gear.