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Welding machine ЗВТ-01-35 for friction weldin

Specialists of CTI LLC developed and produced welding machine ЗВТ-01-35 for friction welding
The machine is used for rotational friction welding of carbon steel rods up to 32 mm in diameter or pipes up to 65 mm in diameter with subsequent groove along the weld seam.
This machine was made out of a bed from a vertical milling machine, which was previously in operation.
Technical data:
Diameter of welded workpieces:
  • min - 10 mm;
  • max- 32 mm.
Maximum productivity, the number of welds with a groove in 1 hour - 80 pcs.
Spindle speed - 100-2000 rpm.
Axial welding force:
  • on touch - 500-1000 kgf;
  • when heated - 500-1000 kgf;
  • when forging - 500-1000 kgf.
Control system - CNC SZGHTDb-1000.
Spindle drive motor power - 11 kW.
  • length - 2850 mm;
  • width - 1800 mm;
  • height - 2000.
Voltage - 380 V.
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