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Automatization of manufacturing

One of the specialties of LLC "CTI" is the development and implementation of automated production sites.
Automation of production processes is achieved through the use of a robotic arm and synchronization of its work with other equipment.
The site is developed in accordance with the needs and resources of the customer.
Automation of various production processes is possible, including:
  • moving, 
  • dyeing,
  • welding,
  • assembly,
  • mechanical processing (drilling, milling, turning);
  • quality control.
Work on the implementation of the order is reduced to the following steps:
  • drawing up technical specifications;
  • design and coordination of the budget, the choice of a robot;
  • manufacture of grippers, fencing, loading, unloading and holding devices;
  • development of control programs for the robot and machine tools;
  • site installation;
  • commissioning and training;
  • operational support.
Thanks to the introduction of automated sites, most of the manual labor is removed from the production process. The human role is reduced to the maintenance of a robotic production site and quality control.
The robotic site is equipped with a security system, which includes a fence, indicators of the condition of the area, an alarm system, and prevents a person from falling into the robot's coverage area.
Automation of production has a significant economic effect due to the following factors:
  • improving the quality of processing, reducing scrap;
  • increase in labor productivity;
  • the possibility of continuous work around the clock, without interruption;
  • reduction of labor costs, including on payment of holidays, sick leave, etc.;
  • the use of the robot expands the technical capabilities of production.