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A new welding machine ЗнА-13-2500 for welding the cover to the cylinder tube is produced

The specialists of LLC "CTI" developed and produced a new welding machine ЗнА-13-2500 that is designed for welding the cover to the cylinder tube. The machine performs automatic welding of the cover to the cylinder tube using the MAG / MIG method. Torch rotation control, torch approach, torch switching on / off and welding mode control are performed automatically by the CNC system.

The collection and installation of the covers and cylinder tubes into the machine is performed manually by the operator. This operation can be automated by connecting a robotic arm.

Technical data:

  • Cylinder tube length from 185 to 2200 mm. The cylinder tube is from 40 to 225 mm. Cover length - from 50 to 250 mm. Eyelet widths - from 20 to 50 mm;
  • Standard time for changeover of the machine - 15 minutes;
  • Time of automatic welding of one seam - no more than 1 min;
  • Time for installation / removal of the cylinder tube is not more than 0.25 min;
  • Time for changeover to a new type of cylinder - no more than 15 min;
  • Dimensions - 4000 х 2470 х 1160 mm;
  • Machine weight - 830 kg.

The machine can be easily modified according to the special requirements of the customer.

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