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Lathe machine with CNC ЦТІ-М5-professional

This is small-sized model of lathe machine with CNC and designed for training lathe machine operators and CNC system programmers, also lathe machine can process small-sized metal parts.

CNC lathe machine ЦТІ-М5


Technical Data:

  • Turning diameter– 80 mm
  • Swing over bed– 120 mm
  • Distance between centers– 250 mm
  • End of spindle – Cone 2-3 К ГОСТ 12595-2003
  • Spindle Bore – 32 mm
  • Max. Speed– 3000 rpm
  • Power– 1 kWT
  • Type of Axis X/Z – качения, шариковые
  • Max. cutting speed – 2000 mm/мин
  • Machining accuracy – =< 30 mkm
  • Tool holder – VDI 16



  • Lower cost than traditional industrial machines;
  • Full automation of the instalation and replacement tools and workpieces;
  • Possibility turning aluminum and steel workpieces;
  • Comfortable control system and visualization turning process.

Base complectation:

  • Angle lathe machine;
  • Linear roller guideways SCHNEEBERGER MONORAIL;
  • Ball Screws HIWIN 12x4;
  • Servo engine SZGH (2 engines complect);
  • 8-position tool turret ЦТІ-Р50-08;
  • Pneumatic actuator without hole;
  • Pneumatic three jaw chuck ЦТІ-П80-БО;
  • Hermetic stainless steel protection cover with manual doors;
  • Guide protection(4 protection covers);
  • Lubrication systems;
  • CNC SZGH-990TDb-3;
  • User's manual;
  • Programming manual SZGH;
  • Electroscheme.


Additions to basic complectation:

  • Automatic door control;
  • Coolant tank with centrifugal pump and additional tools for coolant;
  • Tailstock with pneumo engine;
  • Pneumo engine for chuck with hole;
  • CNC SZGH-1000TDb-3;
  • Additional tools for connection with robot.


We offer additional tools and instrument for ЦТI-М5– professional:

  • Three jaw chuck with hole ЦТІ-П80-О;
  • Pneumo three jaw chuck without hole ЦТІ-П80-БО;
  • Tool set (4 holders, 10 plates);
  • Chuck VDI16 B1-16-12-24;
  • Chuck VDI16 B2-16-12-24;
  • Chuck VDI16 For axis instrument;
  • Jaw for chuck ЦТІ-П80-БО.
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